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Fantasy Shoe Accessory - Schamp's Fantasy Wear TM "Removable Marabou Feather Collection" was founded by Debra Martin in Early 2002 and is the Designer and Owner.   Located in Dover, Delaware. 

Debra's Story - after graduating from High School,  I began employment with the State of Delaware and worked my way up to Administrative Secretary.  After Twenty-Two years, I decided to pursue my real dream of moving into entrepreneurship and designing Schamp's Fantasy Wear "Removable Marabou Feather Trim for Apparel and Shoes".  

How Did I Come Up This Idea - During my mid-twenties newly divorced and a single mom, I began wearing lingerie in all colors and styles. However, I didn't have any shoes to match them and I couldn't afford to buy those Gorgeous Marabou Lingerie Shoes. During that time,  I searched the Internet and shoe stores trying to find a marabou lingerie shoe accessory but none was available.  I thought I was close when the Clip-On Shoe Accessories came out. Remember those? I actually bought a couple of pairs for a New Year's Party and lost my favorite Emerald Green Clip-On.  Never did find it.

Oh well, the years went on and I was still wishing and hoping someone would design a Shoe Accessory that you can Attach and Re-Attach to your shoe but in a Marabou Feather Lingerie Style and in many colors, you know the Marabou Feather Shoe at an Affordable Price. I'm thinking someone in this world has got to design it. It has now been 15+ years since I have thought of the idea and still can't believe no one has designed it yet.

After talking to several family members and friends about my idea, searching the Internet to make sure no one else had the idea, and plain old researching, I spent several months designing the Fantasy Shoe Accessory to perfection.

Now that the Design is Perfected. I had to make sure that I had colors to match every single Lingerie Outfit out there. I accomplished that, I have over 40 colors to choose from. I wanted to make sure that everyone could take advantage of this wonderful product. I have accomplished that, this product can be used by anyone using a Vinyl, Plastic, or Leather Shoe.  Small Women, Large Women, Teens, and Men.  After designing the Shoe Accessory, I can't stop designing, and have designed many Removable Marabou Feather Trim Apparel .  So look for new products that will be added to Schamp's Fantasy WearTM " Removable Marabou Feather Trim Collection".

Marketing of Schamp's Fantasy WearTM "Removable Marabou Feather Trim Collection for Shoes and Apparel".    I'm doing well and am relying on the public to help spread the news on this Fantastic Collection!  I sell Wholesale and Retail. As of today, all of my customers have loved the Removable Marabou Feather Collection for shoes (see testimonial page) and have thanked me for introducing the Removable Marabou Feather Collection to them!   That in its self  is very rewarding!   I am in the process of looking for distributors for Schamp's Fantasy WearTM "Removable Marabou Feather Trim Collection", so if you are interested, please send me an email at SalesAgent@SchampsFantasyWear.com.  If you are a Boutique or Store wanting a new product, please email me at Manager@SchampsFantasyWear.com

One of my future plans is to help the Home Workers of America in this production.  After working with the disabled and researching many work at home programs, I decided that I will hire Independent Contractors to Custom Make each Item -- Schamp's Fantasy Wear TM "Removable Marabou Feather Trim Collection for Shoes and Apparel". 

I hope that you have enjoyed my story - Fantasy Shoe Accessory - Schamp's Fantasy WearTM "Removable Marabou Feather Trim Collection"!   What ever happens in the future with Schamp's Fantasy WearTM "Removable Marabou Father Trim Collection", I will know that I made my dream come true.   Thank You So Much America-Dreams Can Come True!

Schamp's Fantasy Wear has expanded its lingerie line! To include Over 5000 Lingerie Items for Women and Men. Plus Sizes from Small to 6X.  Thigh Highs and High Heels, Leather Wear, Chain Wear, Jackets, Swim Suits, Stockings, Bras, you name we sell it. 

Debra Schamp Martin

*****Fantasy Shoe Accessory - Schamps Fantasy Wear TM-  "Removable Marabou Feather Trim Collection" is dedicated to my Grandparents, who have since passed away, Joseph and Elsie Schamp from Ord, Nebraska!  I did not change my married name back to Schamp before you passed away,  but in Loving Memory, I give you Schamp's Fantasy WearTM -  Removable Marabou Feather Trim Collection!  I love You and Miss You Both!*****



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